Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Braggin' Wednesday: Max and Sam

After last week's debacle, Baby Braggin' Wednesday is back! And these two bodacious brothers are making BBW better than ever. Let me introduce:


OMG - isn't this pic the cutest?? Like older brother Max is telling a really cool secret about mummy to Sam? I can just imagine how this conversation is going...

Max: "Ok, dude, I know you're not liking the whole nap thing? I mean, who does, right?"

Sam: "Seriously! It totally messes up my Baby Einstein time. What should I do?"

Max: "First, you have to stop pooping. Just for a day. Give the woman a break. And for goodness sake, quit peeing on her when she goes to change your diaper! Once you've mastered that, it's all gravy."

Sam: "Sweet. So glad I got you, bro."


These two hunks belong to a co-worker of mine, Wendy. She and I worked a TON together during last spring's nearly catastrophic flood - while she was pregnant! Just about everyday, there she'd be, lugging our ridiculously heavy cameras all over God's creation to make sure we got the best flood footage around. She's a wonder! Thanks Wendy!!!

Anyway... Samson joined Wendy's clan just in time for the holidays this year - in November, on Friday the 13th. Yikes!! He weighed in at 6lbs 4 oz but his going home weight was 5lbs 14oz. Double yikes! "I had to buy some premie clothes to fit him in for about two weeks," says Wendy.

Two-year-old Max is still pretty leery of this new, younger nugget in the house. When Sam first came home, Max quickly rounded up all of HIS things and piled them into a corner. He's not down with sharing and has been known to refer to everything as "mine."


When the baby cries, Max will just toss stuff at him. He'll wing a pacifier at Sam when he thinks Sam's hum-gree (hungry) or toss a blanket over Sam's head if he thinks the baby's cold. "Anything to shut him up, I guess! LOL!!," laughs Wendy.
I'm guessing this is typical behavior for a terrible two-fer, right?? 

But Max does have a soft spot for the baby. He'll spend much of his free time looking for Sam. He'll check the usual spots - car seat, pak-n-play, swing. You name it. And every once in a while, there's a little glimmer of affection between the brothers.

"During a photo session in the living room, I got Max to give Sam a quick kiss, but due to a delay in the digital camera world, I just barely got it!," exclaims Wendy. 

Wendy says her nuggets are both growing so fast she swears she can see Sam grow overnight as they snuggle in the recliner ("A MUST investment for new parents! You spend LOTS of time there.").

Thanks for sharing your cutie-patootie's with me Wendy!!!

If you'd like your nuggets featured in an upcoming edition of Baby Braggin' Wednesday, just email me some pictures, details like names and ages, and any other additional info or stories you'd think might be fun to share!

I look forward to writing about your babes!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Slingin' It

My good friend from high school makes slings - those comfy over-the-shoulder, wrap-around-the-body baby-wearing things.

In fact, I've written about her Thing-A-Ma-Sling's on this blog before.

She, and several of my other Mommyhood friends, are big baby-wearing advocates. Experts like Dr. Sears (a renowned pediatrician), say baby-wearing babies cry less, learn more, are smarter and get 'humanized' earlier.

There are all sorts of baby-wearing products out there:


(or wraps, as they're sometimes called)

But not everyone is sold on baby-wearing. Specifically, Consumer Reports is questioning the safety of slings. A recent post on their blog highlighted what they say is a link between slings and infant deaths or injuries.

Here's an excerpt taken directly from their blog:
"We know of at least seven babies who have suffocated in baby slings over the past 11 years.  The cause of other deaths in slings were undetermined or may have been misclassified as SIDS.  Additionally, we have reports of 37 infants who have been seriously injured in incidents with slings over the same time period.  Those injuries include skull fractures, broken bones, and serious bruises.

We have warned readers about baby slings before and put them on our list of products not to buy for your baby. The response: Strong criticism from advocates who believe that baby wearing is the healthiest way to transport a baby and builds mother-baby bonding.  But the growing number of fatalities and injuries associated with slings makes us even more resolute in our position on this product. We’re in no way opposed to baby wearing, but there are soft, wearable infant carriers that we believe are safer to use than slings."

You can read the entirety of the post by clicking here.

Now... since I don't have nuggets yet, I'm wondering your thoughts on this whole subject.
Do you baby-wear?
If not, what don't you like about it?
If so, what do you use?
Why do you like it?
Does Consumer Reports' findings and/or opinions affect your thoughts on baby-wearing and the myriad devices available to use?

I know there are plenty of passionate mums out there on both sides of the fence... so send me a shout out! 

Author's note: As an educated and professional journalist, I have tried to maintain a balance between both sides of this issue in this post. Did I succeed? You tell me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Braggin' Wednesday: We Are So Screwed

OMG! I did something I totally shouldn't have today... and the results are, well, as scary as hell.

Let me explain...

A few months ago I became an avid follower of a couple of dozen blogs about parenting, motherhood, baby products and design. One day as I was checking the daily influx of postings to my Reader, I spotted an entry from a blog written by a married gal who, at the time, was trying to conceive her first child. She, like me, had done something she probably shouldn't have... and, like me, the results were terrifying.

You see, she was writing about a Web site called Make Me Babies - a computer-generated ripoff of Conan O'Brien's (love him!) legendary 'If They Mated' segments. It's supposed to give you an example of what your Future Nugget will look like. So I'm doing things a little different this week for Baby Braggin' Wednesday. And you'll soon see why it's entitled 'We Are So Screwed'!

SuperFutureDad and I are the average, All-American couple; blond, blue-eyed, big-boned. Here's what we looked like on our fabulous wedding day. Isn't he a dream?? I realize my face is partially covered so for those of you who don't know me, this may not be the best shot. But he looks great and that's why I want to use it here (thanks to Shari Bare Photography for our darling pics!!!).

So... you might think from that pic, that our future nugget might be a bit of a looker, no? That's right, NO, is the appropriate answer. I give you Evidence A - FutureNugget#1:

Look at the size of that our kid's forehead!!!! Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger could've landed US Airways Flight 1529 on that thing! At least he/she/it has some cute freckles and a smile. Nice frame, too, btw.

But it all goes downhill from there my friends. Evidence B - FutureNugget#2:


This is too scary for words. And is that a tie around his neck? He looks like one of those creepy Benjamin Button kids who look like they're 80-years-old from birth. Wrong. So wrong.

Evidence C - FutureNugget#3:


Apparently our child will be Asian. I'm guessing we've adopted (which is something I've always wanted to do, btw). Maybe Make Me Babies knows something I don't.

Especially when you look at our daughter's brother - Evidence D - FutureNugget#4:



Oh, and look! We've adopted another daughter from Asia and this one has cornrows! Awesome!

Evidence E - FutureNugget#5:


These creations are just so funny! I'm not sure how SuperFutureDad feels about them, perhaps he'll leave a comment telling us?? (hint, hint)

In all seriousness, I would love to adopt children. It's a strenuous and expensive process and from what I hear from friends who have done it, entirely rewarding. So if this is what the future holds for us, then I am all for it!

Anyway, I've saved the best for last. I think we may have a winner!

Evidence F - FutureNugget#6:


Look at our cutie-patootie pirate!!! I'm loving the hair - ginger curls! A forehead slightly less prominent than Tyra Banks's. An adorable smile that will certainly get him out of trouble. I think this kid is as close to a perfect combination as we can get. No whammies here!

So... which one is your favorite??? Leave me a comment... and, if you're brave enough, email me your 'If They Mated' pics and I'll post a montage!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ugly Betty Made Me Do It

So tonight I created my nest in the basement next to the fire and hunkered down for a good, old-fashioned boob-tube marathon. SuperFutureDad made his killer spinach lasagna, I burned the garlic toast and my cat, Daisy, licked the leftovers. If ever there was a perfect winter night, I think I experienced it.

Here's what I zoned out to on my Tivo's 'Now Playing' list:

NCIS: Los Angeles
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice (ABC's much-hyped crossover event)
The Good Wife (congrats to lead actress Juliana Margulies on her Golden Globe win)
Ugly Betty

And while I was watching all of that, my lov-er-ly Tivo was picking up CBS' Monday night comedy lineup: HYMYM, Accidentally on Purpose and Big, Bang Theory.

Ahhhhh, bliss.

But what really caught my attention in my otherwise mind-numbing glory was one of Ugly Betty's themes: finding inspiration. Betty Suarez, the lead character, started a blog that she hoped would inspire someone. Turns out, her blog inspired her boyfriend to move to Africa to work as a volunteer in a village in Botswana. Too bad for Betty, great for her man and the people his work will affect in Africa.

Well, now I'd like to introduce you to someone with her own connections to Africa. And what she and her family are about to do is, perhaps, the most inspiring story I've ever written.

"Most people would say that it takes guts to quit your job, sell most of your belongings, and pack up your husband and two children to move to Africa to run an orphanage. But Lindsay Erhardt of Fargo isn’t like most people. She radiates kindness, warmth and generosity. You feel it the moment she bursts into a room, arms extended for a hug even though you’ve just been introduced. And while this wife and mother of two humbly waives off the idea that’s she gutsy, there is no doubt she is about to undertake something many of us wouldn’t dare to do..."

Read the rest of the story at On The Minds of Moms Magazine... click here

While you're on OTMOM's Web site... don't forget to sign up to be their fan on Facebook! And while you're on Facebook, why not become my friend at Patricia Carlson? I look forward to connecting with you!

Blog Karaoke

Hey ya'll... it's time for blog karaoke - where you get to pick the posts!

I'm getting a bit bored with all my whiny 'baby jones' posts so I thought I'd turn the tables and ask my fabulous readers out there:

"What would you like me to write about, research, review or comment on?"

Anything you want to know about me? It can be anything - you know I'm an open book!

Are there any questions you want answered about baby products or pregnancy issues? I'm happy to do the research for you!

Trends going on in the Mommyhood that you would like addressed? Let me be your voice!

Shoot me your ideas, comments, tips and questions and I'll get right on it. This is one of my goals for the upcoming year: try to be a little less narcissistic by writing posts all about me, and instead, try to be of more service to all of you!

I can't wait to hear what you have to say!!!! 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Redux: Word of the Day: NIPPLE!

I've updated this post to include pictures!!!

Well, howdy-doo neighbors! It's been a while.

I hope you are enjoying a stellar start to 2010. These first few weeks of January always bring about a bit of self-reflection for me... look for an upcoming post on that topic soon.

But what I'd like to mention now is an old Spice Girl's mantra that I really love - Girl Power!


Today, me and a bestie (see her cute nuggets here) threw a baby shower for a dear friend of mine who is expecting her first child. What a wonderful experience!!

It was my first time hosting a baby shower and boy (that's what she's having), was I nervous!! My lovely co-host and I decided on a Sunday afternoon affair with light desserts, coffee and lemonade, and tasteful favors. We used a Noah's Ark theme for the plates, cups and napkins. What's really unique is that we held the shower at local store - Pout Baby Boutique.

 The store's owner, Kris (meet her munchkin here), was kind enough to come in on her day off and open up her fabulous establishment for all of us baby-crazy ladies.

A big THANK YOU  to Kris and Pout for offering us the perfect location! If you're looking for unique clothing, nursing and feeding items, cloth diapers, wooden toys or any other cool baby products, Pout is the place to shop. Look for online shopping on Pout's Web site, soon, too!

The soon-to-be-mother-of-honor is due in about a month. She wore a beautiful Liz Lange silver velvet dress and looked smashing - I wish I had pictures to post!!! If I get some emailed to me, I'll repost this entry so you can see all the fun we had!

About twenty gals showed up for the shower. And immediately, for some odd reason, everyone was saying the word, 'nipple.' Maybe it had something to do with holding the shower in a baby shop or the numbers of bottles that were being unwrapped, or perhaps it was simply the number of nipples in one location, but everyone kept saying nipple! It's like the penis game you used to play in junior high. You know the one... where people would randomly shout out the word 'penis!' during class? Some people would say it all high-pitched and drag it out, like PPPPEEEE-NIIIIIIIIISSSS! Others, would start low, peeeeeeeee and then end with a bang, NIS!

The trick was to keep it going long enough that no teachers would ever catch on to what you're saying. However, now that I'm older (and wiser??), I'm guessing that teachers have always known about this game since every woman at the shower had heard about it.

Anyway, enough about girl and boy parts. The point I'd like to make, although it sure has taken me a while to get to it, is that It was so much fun to get together with a bunch of chicas and talk and laugh and gossip and catch up on each other's lives. Growing up, I always had a large support system of girls around me and that comeraderie is something I crave all the time. There is nothing like a group of girlfriends whom you can call at a moment's notice who just... get you.

And who don't mind when you get the urge to shout out NIPPLE!

That's true friendship. Congratulations Andey!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Big Timing It

Hey ya'll - guess who made the Big Time??!!

I'm this week's featured blogger over at 'The B Keeps Us Honest.'

How cool is that? Thanks so much to Jessica for hooking a sister up!

To read the full profile, click here!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Braggin' Wednesday: Alisha and Ella

Girl alert! Girl alert!

Wow - A few weeks ago, I put out a call for more sassy senoritas to be featured in Baby Braggin' Wednesday ("What's BBW," you ask? "Click here," I say). And boy, I mean girl, did you respond!

You've flooded my inbox with gorgeous pics of your cutie-patootie nuggets and outrageously funny stories. I couldn't be happier and more appreciative. Please consider sending your munchkin in to be profiled!

This week, two lovely ladies are making their BBW debut:


Alisha (3) and Ella (2) are two adorable sisters who live in Gillette, Wyoming. Their mum, Natasha, is SuperFutureDad's sister. She says her girls are goofy, full of energy and know how to make you laugh. "There's never a dull moment around here," says Natasha.

Here is Alisha and Ella posing for this year's Christmas picture - how cute??!!

Alisha is your typical girly-girl. She loves to play dress up and have tea parties. She likes to have her nails painted and is a make-up maven. "If you put lip gloss or even chap stick on her lips, she won't kiss anyone because it will come off," says her mum. "If we go outside while she has it on, she uses her hand to cover her lips so it doesn't blow off!" How precious!!

Alisha also like everything princess. She is attached to her toy cell phone and is very outspoken. If she thinks you're being mean, she tells you. "She even called my dad one afternoon to tell him 'mommy's being mean!' (I told her she couldn't have any candy until after lunch)," says Natasha.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Ella. She is very laid back and goes with flow most of the time. Her mum says Ella likes bugs, cars and dolls - Tinkerbell is her favorite. Ella's favorite thing to do it sit down for story time. She loves books!

"Ella is pretty independent for a 2-year-old," says Natasha. "She defends herself when alisha thinks she's the boss." Ella is sort of an enigma says her mummy. "She's hard to describe, even when it comes time to buy gifts for her, I never know what to tell people to get her because I never know!"

Both girls are very thoughtful and caring. That doesn't always translate to one another but most of the time they will ask the other if they are ok when they get an owie or just hit their toe.

These little girls are just too cute!!!

Finally, guess who is going to be the featured blogger on another blog this weekend?!
You got it - me!

Jessica, the friendly gal behind 'The B Keeps Us Honest,' selected to showcase Tales of an (Almost) Mommy this Saturday. So stay tuned to Tales and The B for details. I'll be posting links to the piece on Saturday when it goes live.

For more information on 'The B Keeps Us Honest,' click here!

Friday, January 1, 2010

My 2010 Wish

Here's to having a little nugget to call our own in 2010!

Wish us luck!

All the best to you and yours as this new year begins.

Much love,
Patricia and SuperFutureDad