Friday, February 12, 2010

Question (of the day/of the month)

I pose this question based on a situation that one of my preggers pals finds herself in:

Does your Ob/Gyn or delivery doctor have an obligation to inform you that he/she will be on vacation during your expected due date?
Do you have the right to tell them your upset if they are going on vacation (especially if they haven't told you they are)?
What sorts of action(s) can you take to ensure your birthing plan is still one your comfortable with?

I'm really intrigued by this situation. It popped up during the movie 'Knocked Up' but I never really gave it much thought until it actually happened to someone I know. I'm not in a position to give the proper advice, so again, I turn to Tales readers like you for perspective.

State of Mind

Current Read: Anything by Kathy Reichs

Current Song Addiction: How by Katharine McPhee off her new album Unbroken

Current TV Show Obsession: Still rolling with my USA Network shows!

Current Movie Obsession: Valentine's Day... but only because I've got a hot Monday night date with my ladies!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


One of my goals in life is to be a good person. In fact, above all my other endeavors, this is the one I think about most often. I want to be a good person more than anything in the world.

I don't always succeed at being good, but I like to think I try pretty darn hard.

I'm a loving daughter. I respect my parents and visit them at their home in the Sunshine State as often as I can (especially when one of them is recovering from a nasty accident - love ya dad!).

I say 'please' and 'thank you.' Even to strangers. And my husband.

I work hard. I hold myself accountable at my everyday job so other people don't have to.

I call my out-of-town besties often and I plan regular get-together's with my local gal pals, too.

But sometimes (more than I'd like to admit) I fail miserably at achieving 'goodness.'

I swear. A lot.

I'm quicker to speak than I am to think. 

I don't answer emails in a timely manner.

I get frustrated by slow talkers and interrupt them.

I belch. Out loud. Sometimes I do this in public.

I speed. And if you drive slow in the left lane on the interstate and I have to pass you on the right, chances are I will salute you. Not in a nice way, either.

I (usually) think I'm right. And presume others (yes, you) are wrong.

The world I live in is black and white. Filled with what's right and what's wrong. Lawful and unlawful. I believe that everyone makes choices. You choose to be good or you choose to be evil.

Perhaps, this view, too, makes me not as good as I'd like to be.

I often find myself wondering if I'm truly good. Am I doing enough to be the person I want to be?

Most pressing on my mind as the 'Baby Jones' continues to rule my life, is what will my future children think of me? Will they notice the things I take pride in? Will they recognize my faults? Will they think I'm good?

Maybe they won't notice my pluses and minuses straight away, but at some point they will be all too aware of them. I believe that when you have nuggets, you are not only accountable for your behavior, but also (to a certain point) theirs.

You help them understand right and wrong. Lawfulness versus lawlessness. Good from evil.

I just want to be good. And I want them to be good, too.

No pressure, right?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

State of Mind

Trying something a little new here...

I though it might be fun to share some of the stuff I'm crushing on now... perhaps you'd like to share to?

Current Read: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks (that's right, I've jumped on that bandwagon)

Current Song Addiction: Already Gone by Sugarland (I would like to post a video of this from You Tube but I don't know how to show the whole window so you can play from here... can anyone teach me that??)

Current TV Show Obsession: White Collar, Psych and Burn Notice (love me some USA network)

Current Movie Obsession: The Hurt Locker (haven't seen it but desperately want to!)

Can't wait to hear what your crushing on!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Question (sometimes of the day, sometimes of the month)?

Question, my faithful Tales readers... and, of course, the always-welcome newbies, too:

How do you feel about circumcision?

I have a dear friend who is pregnant with her first child, a boy. She has been researching why people get their boy nuggets circumcised. Since I am not a member of the Mommyhood yet, nor do I have a Lady Gaga, I turn to you for answers. What say ye?

PS - For the record, I don't think the Divine Miss G is a hermi. But if she were, I wouldn't give a flip. Long live the poker face, disco stick, paper gangsta and bad romance.