Monday, January 18, 2010

Ugly Betty Made Me Do It

So tonight I created my nest in the basement next to the fire and hunkered down for a good, old-fashioned boob-tube marathon. SuperFutureDad made his killer spinach lasagna, I burned the garlic toast and my cat, Daisy, licked the leftovers. If ever there was a perfect winter night, I think I experienced it.

Here's what I zoned out to on my Tivo's 'Now Playing' list:

NCIS: Los Angeles
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice (ABC's much-hyped crossover event)
The Good Wife (congrats to lead actress Juliana Margulies on her Golden Globe win)
Ugly Betty

And while I was watching all of that, my lov-er-ly Tivo was picking up CBS' Monday night comedy lineup: HYMYM, Accidentally on Purpose and Big, Bang Theory.

Ahhhhh, bliss.

But what really caught my attention in my otherwise mind-numbing glory was one of Ugly Betty's themes: finding inspiration. Betty Suarez, the lead character, started a blog that she hoped would inspire someone. Turns out, her blog inspired her boyfriend to move to Africa to work as a volunteer in a village in Botswana. Too bad for Betty, great for her man and the people his work will affect in Africa.

Well, now I'd like to introduce you to someone with her own connections to Africa. And what she and her family are about to do is, perhaps, the most inspiring story I've ever written.

"Most people would say that it takes guts to quit your job, sell most of your belongings, and pack up your husband and two children to move to Africa to run an orphanage. But Lindsay Erhardt of Fargo isn’t like most people. She radiates kindness, warmth and generosity. You feel it the moment she bursts into a room, arms extended for a hug even though you’ve just been introduced. And while this wife and mother of two humbly waives off the idea that’s she gutsy, there is no doubt she is about to undertake something many of us wouldn’t dare to do..."

Read the rest of the story at On The Minds of Moms Magazine... click here

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  1. YOU are too funny!!!!!! Loved this! You are a joy, a gift and all the wonderful things in between! Thank you for all you do in using YOUR gifts to bring awareness and inspire others!