Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's a Procreation Vacation (Deuce)

Whattup y'all? Well... it's been, like, forever since you last heard from me. So sorry!!! I think the reason is that I've finally stopped hibernating and am enjoying our early spring. This beautiful (and early) weather pattern is something I've never experienced here so I'm taking advantage of it while I can. Last year it rained all of June and July so my theory is you've got to get the good while the gettin's good. Or something like that.

Anyway, my real reason for writing is to let you know I've had several writing assignments published since I my last posting. My freelance career is so much fun... and yes, work... but I love it and am really thankful for all the opportunities editors have given me thus far. Here's a sampling of my recent stuff:

as seen on The Vacation Gals

'SuperFutureDad and I had just crossed the border into Virginia from North Carolina when a ferocious rain storm nearly knocked us off the interstate. The fat drops fell fast as the wiper blades in our compact rental car furiously sloshed the water to the side. Good thing we spotted a “Virginia is for Lovers” sign. We pulled into a rest stop and bounded inside to collect some Virginia Tourism Board swag.'

as seen in the April/May issue of On The Minds of Moms Magazine

'If you had told Heather Butler when she graduated high school what her life would be like in twenty years, she would probably have thrown her head back and launched into her hearty, infectious laugh. She would have looked you straight in the eye—she’s spunky and direct—and said in her throaty voice, “Yeah, right!” Who knew she’d be a dental hygienist and a stay at home mom? She’d spend thousands of hours volunteering and fishing. She’d be divorced once, married twice and have not three, not four, but five, beautiful children. And believe it or not…she wouldn’t have it any other way.'

I hope you get a chance to check these out!

Until next time...