Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two Lines? I Cannot Tell a Lie.

Boy, has it been a while since you've heard from me!  But I promise there is a very good reason.

About 3 months ago... well... nearly 14 weeks ago in fact, I found out SuperFutureDad and Almost Mommy were going to become SuperDad and First Time Mommy!!

I know! Hard to believe, right?? We are no longer in the land of no nuggets!

After nearly a year of trying to conceive, we finally knocked boots at the right time to get me knocked up! Here's the proof:

Needless to say, it's been an incredibly difficult secret to keep from my blogosphere buddies but one that I felt needed to stay between me and SFD and our families. But now that we've spilled the beans to our closest friends and relatives, we're happy to share the fantastic news with the world!

And we are going to be doing exactly that (no joke!) for a new Webisode series called 'My First Baby,' produced by Meredith Video Studios. How cool is that! You can find the webisodes and all the program information at this web addy (although they tell me it won't be live until June 14th). So please be sure to check back then (I'll send you a reminder, too).

The Webisodes will also be featured on a nationally-syndicated lifestyle television show called 'Better.'
To find out where and when 'Better' airs in your area, click here! Just so you know Nai Nai, 'Better' airs on the Fort Myers Fox station WFTX at 6:00 am. And I know you're up at that ridiculous hour, so you should be able to catch it.

You can also follow 'My First Baby' and 'Better' on Facebook and Twitter.

We filled out a written application, passed two rounds of phone interviews and submitted a (laughable) application tape to get accepted and we are so pumped! Now, all of our friends and family who live far away can be a part of our pregnancy experience and beyond.

Here's how it works: they are sending us a Flip Cam (it's in the mail now) and we go to town shooting video of the ups and downs of the next, in our case, 6 months before delivering our little nugget. Then we do some more shooting after we bring our little bundle home! It's going to be a really uplifting and positive look at what life is really like for us as new parents, although we're not immune to a brisk dose of reality either. We've already found out that day cares in our area have waiting lists stretching into April 2011!! So, I'm sure this will be a really eye-opening experience and it will all be captured on tape.

So... what I want to do now is take your questions!!! Since I haven't written for so long, I'm sure you're curious as to how this all happened, how I've been feeling, etc. But maybe you're not and just want me to get on with keeping you up to date from this point on. Either way, I love feedback and want to hear from you!

I'm baaaaaaacccckkkkk!