Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a Good SFD!

On Father's Day, I feel it's only fitting to acknowledge and thank the hubs for being such a great partner, especially during these first four months of pregnancy. He may not realize I notice all the little things he does, but I try keep up (he does so many)! So here is brief list of SuperFuture Dad's best moments:

1.) Buying me cherries and protein-enhanced bread. I happened to mention the other day that I was craving cherries and lo and behold, what do I find in the fridge yesterday?! Fresh, beautiful, red, ripe cherries! Yum-o! He also knows I've been having a tough time eating meat and therefore getting enough protein. As I was deciding on what to eat for breakfast this morning, I pulled open the breadbox and saw a brand new loaf of bread that reads "protein-enriched." He's very thoughtful.

2.) Giving me massages and foot rubs. I don't often like massages - I have a hard time relaxing during them. But SuperFutureDad gets in there anyway, not letting me squirm away. He works his fingers in just like I ask him to which is very nice. He also does not shy away from pulling my toes and rubbing my feet. My toes have never cracked so good - Thank You!!!!

3.) Scooping and filling the cat litter. Believe it or not, this is actually a chore I miss. I love the idea of caring for my kitties and making sure they're poop is getting scooped is something I know makes them happy. However, since getting KU'd, SuperFutureDad has really stepped up (and to be honest, he's had to because of risks of toxoplasmosis). And even when I said I'd take care of the litter when he goes away on a trip next week, he flinched and said he'd rather I not I risk it because of the potential for birth defects when dealing with cat feces. So I'll be calling his dad. Another good man!

4.) Letting me sleep. I've slept a lot during my pregnancy. Sometimes 12 hours a night. That means I've let some household chores slip by the wayside. He's never bothered me if I need to catch some shut eye and he's never made me feel bad for not keeping up my end of the chores. Not that he would do either of those things, anyway. But it's still a lovely attribute and I'd like to say thanks.

5.) Going to baby classes with me. We haven't officially gone to our first parenting class yet, but when we received the list of available classes to take from the doctor, he pulled out his schedule and made sure we picked classes we could both attend. It will be so nice to have my partner there!!

6.) Spending a 'baby day' with me. On one particular day off that we both shared, SFD really wanted a burger and fries. I couldn't stomach the idea and suggested a stir-fry place instead. He agreed. Then I said, "Why don't we stop at some baby stores and check out some cribs?" He said, "Sure. How many stores?" "Four," I said. And without even raising an eyebrow, he agreed. And so we spent the entire day doing baby stuff. We ate stir-fry because all I can stomach is veggies and tofu. We went to eco-friendly stores, baby boutiques, and big box stores all in the name of seeing what's what when it comes to baby cribs and gear. And I have to say, it was so much fun!!! So thanks for being a great SuperFutureDad!!!!!

I love you!!! Happy Father's Day.   

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  1. What a great dad!! He's a keeper!