Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I've been accepted as the Fargo New Moms Examiner! Yippee!

You may be asking, what in the world is an Examiner?! Essentially, it's a current events and trends Web site that localizes what's going on in your community with real-time postings.

It's not like the news station that I work for full-time. We focus on hard news there. Of course, you can head to that Web site and Facebook page anytime for up-to-the-minute newsworthy items from across the state.

Examiner.com is different in that writers get a specific topic to report on - hence, I'm the New Moms Examiner. All of my items will inform and help new parents get a grasp on what life is like raising kids in the Valley. I'll cover media happenings, classes, upcoming events, etc. The bonus is - if there is something you'd like me to write about - just let me know. You can send me a blog comment, an email or contact me directly from my Examiner.com profile page.

Practically every large to mid-size city (including good 'ole Fargo) has its own Examiner page filled with articles from writers like me. So, if you're interested in becoming one (you have to apply) let me know! I can help you with the process and even tell you about the incentive referral program.

Ok, before this sounds any more like an info-mercial, I'm going to wrap this up! Hope you check out my Examiner.com page and spread the word.


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