Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Just Me and SuperFutureDad... For Now

I am having the “baby jones’.” Much like an addict, it’s this uncontrollable urge to want to have a baby. In college, the ‘baby jones’ crept in like clockwork twice a year. It was easy to push aside. “I'm too young/selfish/adventurous/immature/single”', I'd tell myself.

Now, I’m jonesing for a baby fix constantly; it shows no signs of slowing. Many of my previous issues are resolved. I have no more valid excuses. It’s time.

At least, I think it is. I am 30-years-old and newly married. My husband (whom we’ll call SuperFutureDad) is definitely the man I’m meant to have children with. Shit, we’re halfway there with a brood of animals. Our house is known as ‘Jungle Larry’s’ (and will affectionately be referred to as such in this blog).

I knew I wanted to create little nuggets with SuperFutureDad after about 6 months of dating. It’s one of the reasons I agreed to marry him. But do age, a ring, and the persistent ‘joneses’ mean I’m really ready to become a parent? Do we? Or don’t we? And if we do, when? And if we pick when, then what??!! It’s enough to drive a gal mad!

This blog will chronicle my search to find out the answers to those questions. And you’ll be along for the hilarious, cheeky, outrageous, endearing, genuine, emotional, uncertain, and most of all, real, ride.

Tales of an (Almost) Mommy is written as much for me as (I hope) it is for you. I’m sure there are plenty of other women (and men) out there who are going through what the hubs and I are living everyday. And, if you’ve already been through it, I’ll bet Jungle Larry’s you’ll get some (perverse?) pleasure out of watching us navigate the Sea of Conception.

I hope you’re interested and inspired enough to interact. Comment. Share. Email ( Facebook (Patricia Carlson). Twitter (@pattycfreelance).

I can’t wait to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sweet...First one to respond to your blog...I love it and it's only the beginning. You are an awesome writer...keep it up. I wish you much luck in this "baby adventure."

  2. Great read! I really enjoyed that!

    It is such a huge decision & just like everyone says, it changes everything. In my experience though, when you're ready, it changes everything for the better. Having children is an amazing experience!

    May I suggest doing some reading first?--"Your Best Birth" by Rikki Lake & Abby Epstein is fantastic & a great place to start brainstorming, etc....!

    Looking forward to the next one!

  3. be patient my changes when babies come but it's the best! j and o drive me nuts but when they cuddle, nothing in the world is better!


  4. My thoughts are 35-36 is a good age to start. But that is just me...I have a fear of slowing down my traveling...