Monday, August 24, 2009

Sharing Simple Pleasures

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve already begun thinking what life would be like with a little nugget to call my own. I try not to let the thoughts go too far… I don’t want to jinx it.

But there are some things about my childhood that I can’t wait to share with my kids. And, there’s a few ‘firsts’ that I anxiously await. Here we go…

In the… our-baby-is-so-precious category:
Lying on the ground in the park reading with them nestled in the stroller that I gently rock with my toes
Holding them in my arms for the first time
Coming home to find the baby perched on SuperFutureDad’s chest, both of them fast asleep
Bonding while breastfeeding at night
Listening to them breathe hard while deep in slumber

Representing the… aren’t-they-so-cute category:
Reading books together snuggled side-by-side in a cozy bed
Nesting by the fire
Watching them eat sand as we make sandcastles on the Florida beach
Seeing them run into Nai Nai and Ricky’s arms
Helping them swing a tennis racket for the first time

Nominees for the… not-that-they’ll-give-a-crap category:
Introducing them to the Mickey Mouse Club, Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, Judy Blume
Playing old episodes of Friends, 90210, Psyche, Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory
Showing them tapes of my tv stuff and magazines featuring my articles

In the… it‘ll-be-nice-to-have-someone-to-play-with category:
Catching them in my arms as they jump off the edge of the pool
Sharing the joy of a warm, creamy cup of hot chocolate in the middle of winter
Chasing each other with squirt guns

Entries for the… just-like-mum-and-dad-used-to-do-with-me category:

Dancing to Motown oldies while doing the dishes
Sunday morning family breakfast (I’ll whip up blueberry pancakes, SuperFutureDad will take care of the bacon)
Continuing the annual tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree
Having nightly dinners together

I also commissioned SuperFutureDad to come up with a few items.

Nominees for the… I-just-want-to-be-a-dad-already-darnit category:

Teaching them sports and outdoor activities
Having the baby fall asleep in my arms
Watching them take their first step
Seeing them interact with the dog
Laughing when the baby poops or pees on mummy
Watching them learn new things for themselves
Spending time as a family

I know that this list make parenting sound easy and delightful. And I realize (through watching other mums and dads) that it’s not like that all of the time. But I’m hopeful that these simple pleasures will outweigh any daily trials we endure.

What were/are some of your parenting pleasures?


  1. That huge grin of recognition that totally melts your heart... oh - its SO worth it for that moment each day! (it doesn't happen right away... but when it does - watch out!) It makes my heart melt each and every time he does it!!

  2. Snuggling with my freshly bathed little guys - they smell so good and are good cuddlers after tubby time!

  3. It sounds silly but I am SO proud when they use their manners (please, thank you, excuse me, may I leave the table). They do it at home and I LOVE it when they do it at other people's homes - makes me feel like at least I did that part right!

    If they are going to daycare, I love how they RUN to you when you pick them up or if you walk in the door and they're already home. My (current) youngest will start yelling "moooooommmmm" and it will last the entire time it takes to get to me and hug my legs and I love it.

    And I know this blog is for both you and SuperFutureDad but really, you think you love him now - wait until you see him holding that tiny newborn in his HUGE hands (they amazingly look even larger when there's this tiny baby there or in the middle of that chest while they are sleeping together on the couch or recliner). Right now you love him as your husband, then you'll also love him as the dad of your children. Seeing them together just melts my heart every day.

    Honestly Tricia, there is just SO much that this tiny being(for a while anyway) adds to your life. It's hard to imagine what your life was like after they are around. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Ever.

  4. i've already introduced the boys to 90210...i talk about it, they play's all good!!
    heather v.

  5. These all sound SO cute! I'm excited to take my future daughter to dance class and watch her learn how to use her body and hopefully find dancing as a source of pride as I do!