Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Showtime!

Hey everyone,

I've got some great news! Butterball and I are soon going to be blowing up the airwaves to help promote our role on My First

We've landed one radio spot for sure, and it looks like another station is reaching out to us as well! Yay!!!
Although I have to admit, it feels a little weird for me to be referring to 'us.' That's another multi-person pronoun I'll have to get used to (just like when SFD and I became a 'we').

I'll keep you posted on stations and times as we secure our spots - thanks in advance for tuning in and supporting us!!

Also - I got an awesome shout-out from My First's host, Jill Cordes, on her blog. You can read it here! Thank you, Jill, for helping a future mummy out!!

As for my pregnancy, here's my current stats:

I'm 30 weeks preggo which puts me at 7 1/2 months. I'm still feeling really good for the most part (yes, I realize how lucky I am), although I've noticed a few odd things cropping up in these later months.

One) I feel uncomfortable after I eat. Like there isn't enough room for the food so it camps out in my esophagus and makes my chest all tight. Ugh.

Two) My fatigue has returned. I'm lucky to still be awake at 9 pm to write this!!

Three) WARNING - Total TMI here: I'm a pooping machine. I understand some women suffer from constipation and the Big H's during their pregnancy. I am the total opposite. If human waste was good for manure, I could be running a friggin' organic farm by now. Seriously. Buy stock in Cottonell.

Four) SFD and I attended a 'labor experience' class earlier this week. While I feel much more prepared for what I'll experience prior to delivery (called the stages of labor), I've decided there is no way this baby is coming out.

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