Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's raining baby stuff!

Ok, not really (referring to the title) but today is the day of our baby shower!!! Yay - we're so flippin' excited!

We're having a Jack 'n Jill shower so SuperFutureDad gets to share in all the glory he created!! We rented out a couple of room as the Fargo Billiards and Gastropub so boys get one side, girls get the other, but it's all one open space so we can still interact with each other.

Punch, chips and salsa and bean dip, salad, pizza and cupcakes are on the menu - nothing extravagant but enough to keep everyone happy through the Vikings football game that will be on all the big screen tv's!!!

Yeah, this is really more of an excuse to get a big bunch of people together and party! And we can say we did it all for the Butterball!

My family is in town from Florida and SFD's family is all in from MN so we are so happy to have them all. Plus, so many of our friends are sharing this awesome day with us and we are sooooo thankful to them.

Finally, I bought a GORGEOUS dress for the occasion and am super-psyched to wear it!!!

I will post pics and more details once I get everything uploaded later this week so you can see more from Butterball's Baby Shower.

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