Wednesday, February 3, 2010

State of Mind

Trying something a little new here...

I though it might be fun to share some of the stuff I'm crushing on now... perhaps you'd like to share to?

Current Read: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks (that's right, I've jumped on that bandwagon)

Current Song Addiction: Already Gone by Sugarland (I would like to post a video of this from You Tube but I don't know how to show the whole window so you can play from here... can anyone teach me that??)

Current TV Show Obsession: White Collar, Psych and Burn Notice (love me some USA network)

Current Movie Obsession: The Hurt Locker (haven't seen it but desperately want to!)

Can't wait to hear what your crushing on!!!!!


  1. I just read "The Red Scarf" & really enjoyed it.

    LOVING Mad Men for TV series... watching it from Netflix.

    Just saw the movie "Rescue Dawn" (also from Netflix) & was really impressed. I highly recommend it!!

    Music wise... I'm SO in love with Lisa Hannigan right now - anything of hers!

  2. tv show: what not to wear...LOVE IT, Biggest Loser, and High School Reunion on tvland
    daily obsession: 24 oz flavored coffee from NorthStar coffee, I know it's not the best but really I don't smoke and can't drink right now (damn brain surgery) so i need a vice.
    shopping: aside from Pout, I LOVE shopping (well, mostly looking) at Mini Boden for Lucy, and ModCloth and Anthropologie for me. If I had more $$$, I'd be styling!