Friday, February 12, 2010

Question (of the day/of the month)

I pose this question based on a situation that one of my preggers pals finds herself in:

Does your Ob/Gyn or delivery doctor have an obligation to inform you that he/she will be on vacation during your expected due date?
Do you have the right to tell them your upset if they are going on vacation (especially if they haven't told you they are)?
What sorts of action(s) can you take to ensure your birthing plan is still one your comfortable with?

I'm really intrigued by this situation. It popped up during the movie 'Knocked Up' but I never really gave it much thought until it actually happened to someone I know. I'm not in a position to give the proper advice, so again, I turn to Tales readers like you for perspective.


  1. As a medical professional, I'm fully aware of how the 'best laid plans' can not work out. Also, working in the NICU, I'm more than aware that a due date can end up meaning absolutely nothing. That being said, if one is attached to her OB and very nervous about delivering with a different OB, I think she should make that expectation very clear to her OB. Yes, I think she has a right to be upset and to tell her OB that she is upset the OB is going on vacation... but maybe the OB has a partner the expecting mom can meet a few times to feel more comfortable if she should have that partner at the delivery.
    OBs are in a unique position since their patients can deliver 24/7 - 365. They have to have a vacation at some point and just go. It's not personal to any of their expecting moms.
    As for having a birthing plan one is comfortable with... I think it is EXTREMELY important to keep at the forefront of one's mind is that things may get out of your control. The baby could develop significant distress, Mom's blod pressure could sky-rocket, etc. It's okay to let go and trust the RNs and MDs to make sure your delivery is the safest possible for you and your baby. That being said, just voice your wishes and concerns, and have your partner/support person voice the same wishes for you.
    As a mom, if you haven't learned already - you will soon, that you have to relinquish a lot of the control you are used to having over your own body and schedule. I think the more you can relax, and "go-with-the-flow" (obviously within reason) - the "easier" things will go.

  2. My OB office makes it clear in the beginning that we cannot be guaranteed a certain Dr. for delivery. That is why they require that you see each Dr. at least once during your pregnancy so you are comfortable with each one. I think it's a lot to expect of a Dr. that they be there when you deliver...they have families and lives too and we have to understand that.

  3. I had a preference of one of the two doctors that was in the practice I was going to, but baby came on a night when a doctor from the other practice was on call. Come to find out, no doctor was even needed and the nurse delivered my baby. The doctor was bouncing between two rooms, and was delivering another baby at the same time. At that point of the delivery, I didn't care who caught the baby, I just wanted it out! I forgot that I had once even cared who was going to deliver! I think it is important to remember that OB/GYNs are human too and have a right to take vacation time even if it may come at an inopportune time for some patients.