Friday, October 16, 2009

The Name Game

Even though my husband and I are still working on this whole pregnancy thing, my mind has already started to wander toward names. What on earth are we going to name this (these) little nugget(s) that we bring into the world? My favorite name, let's call it 'T' (the name shall remain, well... nameless to protect the identity of who used it. It can be a sensitive subject, no?), has already been taken. Yeah, yeah, we're not supposed to stake claims on names, people are allowed to choose whatever name they like, blah, blah, blah. But to me, it's like that episode of Sex And The City when Charlotte and the girls are going to the baby shower of an old friend. When someone asks the woman what name she has picked out, she says, "Shayla." Of course, that name turns out to be Charlotte's years-ago made up unique baby name and Charlotte accuses her of stealing the name. The SATC girls storm out and Charlotte is forever miffed that someone nabbed her chosen future-baby-name.

I get anxious just thinking about names for my future children. I want something original but not trendy. Confident but not stuffy. Old fashioned but not... old. SuperFutureDad wants something that won't get our kid laughed off the playground. And of course, I'm already annoying him with talk of someone who doesn't even exist yet!!! What if we have a boy? What if we have a girl? What if we have twins? What are your family names? Would someone be offended if we didn't carry their name? Would someone be offended if we did? How do you feel about unisex names? Do you think kids today know who Clifford the Big Red Dog is (family joke)? What's your great-grandmother's middle name again? ARGH!

The worst part of all of this is that at any time, if we choose to keep our FutureNuggetName under wraps, someone can swoop in and steal it! Just like what happened with 'T'. There is no way SuperFutureDad's associate could have known this is my favorite name and even if he/she had, how ridiculous would I have to be to claim it as my own? Only a total nutter would do something like that, right?

So... in no particular order I am calling dibs on these names: Penelope, CoraLynn Ann, Berkeley, Drew, Joshua, Victoria, Vivian, Douglas, Patrick or Padraig, Johan, William, Wendy, and Frank(ie).

I never said I wasn't a nutter, did I?


  1. I can't believe someone stole the "T" name!!! You can have my "L" name since Randal doesn't like it... If I were you I'd use "T" anyway!! Chances are you won't live anywhere near the other baby "T" when he's old enough to care. Do you know how many people have used "Grace" in the last year??!!?? I'm still using it for my first girl since I've had it picked out since I was 6 yrs old. Love ya, Bex

  2. You are a nutter! That is why we all love you dearly. I would be honored if you wanted to name your future the same as our daughter (Isabella)...but only because you are Tricia!

  3. I wanted to add Phoebe to the list, too!

  4. Oh, how about this for a God awful name.....

    wait for it......

    Nazi-rea. Pronounced Naus-a-rhea.

    I am NOT kidding. BCM(before chunky monkey) I worked in a pediatrican's office, and some asshat woman called from the hospital to add her brand new daughter into the computer system. When she told me the name, I got dead quiet, and had to fight the urge to ask if she was still heavily medicated.

    So, great. When people see her name, they read Nazi. And think of Hitler. And all of the horrors of the holocaust. Cheery, no? When they hear the name, they think of the Pepto Bismol commercial: Nausea, heartburn, upset stomach, diarrhea!!

    You picked a real winner, Mom!