Friday, October 30, 2009

The Best Of....

A big BONJOUR to my most favorite blog readers in the universe!

I want to take a moment to give all of you a huge THANK YOU for reading my ramblings and musings about my 'Baby Jones' affliction. Writing is the way I stay sane (or try to, according to SuperFutureDad) and I appreciate all of the fantastic feedback I get from all of you.  No matter where you are in your life - a swingin' single, a fabulous fiance(e), a smug married, a mommy or a daddy to a little nugget yourself - you take time out of your day to read my words.  For that, and much more, I am grateful.

You may have noticed a few new things to look at on Tales of an Almost Mommy.  That's because I'm trying to spread the word about my blog and get a few more rad readers like yourselves! So, if you feel like it, please let people know where they can find a funny perspective on everything from cankles, pull ups, MILF's, breasfeeding, pregnancy weight and the omni-present 'Baby Jones.' Plus, I want to share with you the neat pregnancy and parenting Web sites and blog collections I've found since I started writing Tales - just look for the links and badges I've posted on the side of the blog.

Here's a quick list of places on the world wide web highway you may find interesting:
-A list of reader-voted blogs on every parenting topic, from both mum and dad perspectives (ps - If you'd like to vote for Tales, just click on the badge on the upper left corner of my blog)
-An all-in-one info center where you can ask advice from other mums, connect with sympathetic ears, and discover information from hundreds of categories
-The largest social network for mum bloggers with more than 6000 members
-An off-shoot of mombloggersclub, this one is filled with blogs from women in all stages of pregnancy
-Just like Tales, but with a fancier design and giveaways.  I highly recommend checking out this blog!
-A one-stop place for ideas on how to incorporate vintage items for your baby and his/her nursery
-A top blog as voted by In Style Magazine. Features hot trends in decorating, clothing, etc. Very cool!
-The blog for a local Fargo-Moorhead magazine I write for. Has information on upcoming issues and hot topics in parenting.
-A freelance writer friend who is a first-time dad and a stay-at-home pop, no less.  He is a very good writer. Gives you an inside look at parenting from a dad's perspective.
-For all of your baby-making questions. A reliable source of information.

Hope you find some of these entertaining and useful.  And, be sure to send me your favorite Web spots so I can check them out, too!

Happy Halloween to you all!


  1. I am so honored that you thought of me and my blog! You are amazing as well! Thank you so much I really appreciate it a lot!!! This is my new blog that I have only been blogging on for a about 2 months and I am so overwhelmed by the great and positive feedback Ive gotten from everyone!

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!


  2. Pray you are blessed with a baby soon. Have a great day...