Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Sound of Music

I've got to be honest. I've never seen the movie 'The Sound of Music.' I know it's supposed to be a classic and blah blah blah but it's never managed to capture my attention while scrolling through the Tivo lineup.

However, I do LOVE the sound of music. From country (Lady A/Jason Aldean) to pop (Gaga/Kris Allen) to rap (Eminem) to rock (Kings of Leon) to classical (Ravel), I'm never far from tunage. Pandora at work... Ipod while mowing the law... VH1 Top 20 Countdown during Saturday mornings at work... I can't get enough.

The best part of this is that I get to share it all with Butterball now. One of my favorite things to do with her is listen to music in the car and discuss the artist... sing a little bit... talk about the album and year it came out and what was going on.

We've covered a lot so far.

Pearl Jam - Alive

Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA

Lady Antebellum - their whole album

Lee Ann Womack - her bluegrass stuff especially

Eminem - Recovery

Default - second US-released album

Anyway... I could go on and on with the names of artists we've learned about together. Sometimes BB kicks like crazy (darn her, she's a Miley fan!!), other times I think she's already tuning out mommy. Like, "I KNOW, MOM. BUT EMINEM WAS SOOOO 2000'S."

Either way, it's a simple joy of parenthood I'm loving even before BB is born.

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  1. SUPER CUTE!!! When G was first born... and even sometimes now, I tell him who the artist is, give a little history, tell him why its important to know these things, and name a few other of their hits (or at least other songs of theirs I like). Sometimes he just looks at me like, "SO?"... and other times he just laughs at me! :)