Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Question (of the day/month)

Hey y'all... after a weekend break to throw one of the biggest garage sales I've ever been a part of, I'm officially back to work. The sale was, thankfully, a success. We needed to accomplish two goals, a) make room for baby, b) earn enough moula to buy paint for butterball's room. I've already ordered fabric swatches from bedding I like to see if I can get a local store to recreate paint in those colors. Wish us luck!!!

Anyway, I have another article assignment I'm working on and would love your input. As always, please leave me your name and where you're from so I can include your statements in the article (unless you want to use an alias... which is cool... I just need to know you're choosing to go that route for ethics and attribution purposes). Cheers!!!

Question: When sports just aren't in the cards... what do you do if your kid has zero interest in sports??? (ie how to ensure they get exercise and perhaps how to deal with a disappointed parent who was hoping to raise the next Brett Favre) What's your advice???

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  1. I'd say it depends on the age. Just getting them outside to go for walks works at any age. My boys and I do an almost 4 mile walk as often as we have time (it takes a really long time when you stop at 2 parks and a library along the way). Playing the backyard, going to the pool, riding bikes - all easy things to do with them at most ages. No idea what you'd do with an older child (mine are 6 & 8) since I'm not there yet!